Stone Source works directly with our overseas factories on a regular basis with slabs, prefabricated granite, and our GranitEEZ countertops. As a result, we are the best-equipped to handle cut-to-size projects with the largest variety of stones. For example, many cut-to-size projects will be done exclusively in China – limiting materials to Chinese granite or 2nd/Commercial quality exports. We work directly with factories in Brazil & India – to get you the best quality and variety in product, and have stocked programs with over 30 materials that we can have produced cut-to-size, have a mix of stock materials and cut-to-size, or do completely custom fabrication from over 100 materials in stock. Our latest cut-to-size projects include the apartment conversion of the Pioneer-Endicott buildings in St. Paul MN and the new Bridges Dinkytown Student Apartments.

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