Slate is a metamorphic stone, formed by intense pressure & heat deep in the earth’s crust. Slate has an earthy, clefted surface that gives it a natural slip resistance. Some of our slates also come in a more refined, brushed finish. Similar to slate in formation & appearance, quartzite often exhibits a slight shimmer. Our quartzites are also available in a sleek, polished finish.

Slate & quartzites are also known for their decorative color variations; ranging in color from shades of gray to brown, purple, green, or cyan, and even taking on copper & rusty hues. With such a huge variety of colors slate is used in both modern and rustic settings, from the walls of popular fitness centers, to the fireplaces of cabins and lake homes.

At Stone Source, all of our slates come from quarries in both Northern and Southern India, and Northern China. We have a variety of unique mosaics & ledgestones that coordinate with and complement our tile.

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